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With damage the neroun in the spinal cord ,
(If i do a New MRI and show point signals in the cord ) because i have upper Neron that i didn’t have before the last MRI .
ALSO pain a cross the the spine from neck to thoracic (i read this also could can sign of myeomalcia )
Another next stage on needles in the trunk.also tingling in part of body don’t have before 2 weeks .
Blood pressure was very high (arrived to 190 SYS or DIA 125 ) not happen to me before anytime in my Life.
Purse of heart also up in this day’s to 110 average and arrived to 130 in rest very not normal.
All this last started symptoms of blood pressure high ,pain a cross the spinal cord ,high purse ,come with the physical examination of upper Neron motor!
I will do NEW MRI of cervical spine by two days .(to see if any change of pressure or also any signal in the cord.
MRI brain will be after because the cervical region more important.
Not have carnial nervous involved.