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by Leslie D on Donald S. Corenman, MD
Twenty Years Post Op

Dr. Corenman actually performed back surgery on my in 1996 right before he left VENTURA. This year marks 20 years post op. 7 screws and a few other things in my back and I am still going strong! You moved before I could say thank you. Thank you 20 years later is even better. I'm doing great!!

thank you so much

hi doctor. thankyou very much. Very thorough Dr. His guidance helpedme understand my diagnosis!

Very helpful!

Quick reply, very informative and helpful!

by Michael, R on Donald S. Corenman, MD
Very useful account and advice

I was glad I came across the thread about recovering from
Nerve pain after microdisectomy. I have had a similar experience and although I am getting treated by a local doctor and physiotherapist I am really looking to better understand the likely causes and prognosis for own situation. The doctors advice is clear and helpful.

Experience Doctor, amazing person!

Dr. Corenman is an impressive professional. He helped me understand and clarify some concerns I have about my son osteopathy treatment. I am perplexed that he invested some of his time to answer me some questions and in such a short period of time. I am really pleased and can't thank him enough!

by Michael M. on Donald S. Corenman, MD
Finally, some honesty and diligence in Medicine

I was misdiagnosed by Medical College of Wisconsin doctors. They labeled me as a pill seeker and refused to treat me. After years more work, I filed for disability because I could no longer work from the pain, weakness and lost function. I kept dropping things and my balance was off, I got headaches and I when my head wasn't aching, I felt light-headed. Of course they said it was the pain meds causing it. Thanks to Dr. Corenman, I was able to learn how to interpret MRIs for simple nerve impingement. I was able to see how much my central canal had been stenossed by injury and spondylosis. I was finally diagnosed with CSM years later by a Medical College doctor after years of damage ensued. After surgery and applying for disability, I kept getting turned down. CSM was no where in my record. Neither was Cervical Myelopathy. I did ask the surgeon to have a word with the disability board. He said "certainly". He had a word with them alright, he told them I wasn't disabled. He was guy who diagnosed me, yet he said there was no damage and none of the diagnoses made it the official record. I wouldn't have known to question any of this. My congressman had to send my disability determination to Kentucky to try to get a fair hearing. Now I have to go into the disability hearing without the "official diagnosis" I only have the MRIs and all of the office visits to prove my disability. I would have nothing otherwise. Now I have to talk to other doctors and lawyers. Thank you Dr. Corenmen, for giving me the ability to know that I have to defend myself.

by Philip S on Donald S. Corenman, MD
Help Understanding

Hi,If your like me you have searched the internet for answers and it has been a long search. I have been diagnosed with a condition called "severe canal stenosis". I found this web site that Dr. Corenman manages and it has helped me understand what i have and what i need to do. I thank Dr Corenman for taking the time to answer my questions.Phil

by Karen A. on Donald S. Corenman, MD
The responses I've seen so far are so helpful, I would like to read more!

Hi, I'm new to the forum & searching for topics for anything similar to my question before I post new question. I'm only finding a few Dr. responses, does he answer all of the questions posted? Should I be looking elsewhere for his advice to the questions I find that don't have a response immediately following? I will post my question now as I've not found anything similar & would like to know where to look for a reply if he might give advice to my question. I'm very impressed with his caring & detailed responses, advice/help. Thank you

Helped me understand!!

Very thorough Dr. His guidance helpedme understand my diagnosis!


Hi, I just want to thank Dr Corenman for all his hard work and devotion to this website forum, for his valuable advice and for spending his time to help and advise people who are suffering. God bless you Dr Corenman. Xxxxx

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