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by somayajulu pv on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Cyst in spinal canal

I thank you very much for your kind advise.Your answer gave me new energy and I am so happy. May god give you long life and health in order to serve the people ih distress regarding their health. All the best.

by Colleen K on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Places where pain in sole can originate.

Yes helpful. I have persistent pain in my R sole post one year L4/L5, L 5 S1 decompression and 20 months post Double ALIF. I also had two artificial disks placed at C4C5 and C5C6 in Oct 2016. My SI joint was also stabilized without screws during the decompression and I think also during the neck surgery. No doubt that some of my foot pain is related to my R ilia posteriorly rotating. We suspect that nerve compression somewhere between T8 and L1 is causing tight muscles that pull up on my R ilia. The pain in my mid to lower thoracic spine is getting worse. I do gave quite a but of movement in that area that I can realign with the foam roller. Activities with repeated forward bending, sitting and standing still really aggravates my back from chest level to SI joint. Very frustrating. All surgeries were very necessary. I had three nerves denervated ( Left S1, right L5 and S1) and tried to stabilized with exercise for 8 months and had had 4 steroid injections before going into ALIF. Leg and foot symptoms returned and worsened, hence the decompression with facet fusion 8 months later, it helped some, but SI joint went out in a different way ( sacrum would rotate left and get stuck). After ACDA x2, neck pain, finger weakness and sensation improved even though I know that C3C4 is nearly completely collapsed and that level was not addressed. The neck surgery was done for severe canal stenosis and bilateral severe foraminal stenosis at C4,5 and C5, 6. Neck injured in Dec 2000 with hyperflexion injury. It was aggravated in March 2015 when I slept on my stomach because my back hurt. Acute back problem occurred after SI joint became misaligned after traction injury in Oct 2014. Besides paresthesia in R sole , my R great toe often hurts or is numb in just about every position, including laying here with my neck slightly flexed. I feel mild pain at chest level in back while writing this in supine position. Neck is ok in this position. From what I read from your responses, it makes me wonder if my hypertrophied facet at T 12 L 1 or a higher level is causing some compression of L5 or S1 nerve root as it descends down the canal. To my knowledge, I have not had thoracic imaging done. Despite all of this I continue to mother three kids,work part time as a PA , and take care of 1 dog and two cats. My favorite activity is walking and swimming. Both are done regularly as is PT and massage . Do you gave any suggestions for the mid to low back pain?

Guidance & Hope

Dr. Corenman,
Thank you for addressing specific questions and giving me guidance as to proceed. I know placing a scaffolding in my neck may have stabilized it but the underlying nerves, muscles and scar tissue have caused debilitating pain & disability. You've given me Hope.

by Troadio L on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Informative/Extend Options

Dr. Coreman responded to the best of his ability and time, provided options that brought more hope to the recipient of the letter.
Thank you for the information Dr Coreman.

by Stephen G on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Low Back Injuries

I am a combat medic who has suffered many injuries, including closed head. Just part of the job. I have also developed sx's radiating from my L1-L2 that are partial age, throw in a lot of soldier "gym rat" time to stay ready, and then physical injuries and I have a leg that is really bothering me. The VA has many doctors I can see but generally they are different. It saves time if I can coherently and exactingly describe my issues. This is the best site I have seen since I was in Registered Respiratory Therapy School. Absolutely TOP SHELF NO-NONSENSE clear and accurate information. I really needed the cognitive jump-start for terminology and this good doc provided it. He would certainly be my choice if my cardiac issues out-ruled surgery.

by Patricia (Foxylady) on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Big Thank You

This guy is amazing! Wonderful man, sharing his knowledge to help others.

I have to say a BIG Thank You to you, the Bowhunter's syndrome is exactly what I am suffering with!!
My Physiotherapist diagnosed it today!! I am so pleased to have an answer at last after 19 years!

Now I am trying to get my GP to get me the operation I need to make me better.

But Dr Corenman, Sir, THANK YOU very, very much, without your help I would still be searching for an answer to all this misery I have spent 19 years enduring.
Thank you, bless you, most kind of you to offer your knowledge to help people on here. My very best wishes to you.

Twenty Years Post Op

Dr. Corenman actually performed back surgery on my in 1996 right before he left VENTURA. This year marks 20 years post op. 7 screws and a few other things in my back and I am still going strong! You moved before I could say thank you. Thank you 20 years later is even better. I'm doing great!!

thank you so much

hi doctor. thankyou very much. Very thorough Dr. His guidance helpedme understand my diagnosis!

Very helpful!

Quick reply, very informative and helpful!

by Michael, R on Donald Corenman, MD, DC
Very useful account and advice

I was glad I came across the thread about recovering from
Nerve pain after microdisectomy. I have had a similar experience and although I am getting treated by a local doctor and physiotherapist I am really looking to better understand the likely causes and prognosis for own situation. The doctors advice is clear and helpful.

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