Dear Dr. Corenman,

“In recent years I have heard patients marvel at your work, concern, understanding and overall ‘bedside manner’. However, until a patient experiences firsthand how true this is, it is difficult to believe a doctor can be all of this. My surgery has made me a true believer that you are all of the above and more. I cannot thank you enough for the treatment I received and better yet, how much better my back feels only days after surgery. Your entire staff has been incredibly professional which is a reflection on your ability and desire to have the best team there is. Not only are you a remarkable doctor, you are a fun guy to be around—a rare quality today.”

Joel S., Aspen, CO

“Dr. Corenman, thank you so much for giving me my life back. When I came into your office for the first time, I was so desperate with pain and felt as if my body was failing me. But only after moments of speaking with you, I had huge hope. Right then my healing began. Thank you for your wonderful expertise and knowledge. Thank you for your kind and compassionate way. Thank you for your time and caring. I’m a very humble patient and I so appreciate you.”

Sindie P.

“I am writing this letter to express my sincere and grateful appreciation for the excellent care I received from you, your staff and The Vail Valley Medical Center. You were the sixth physician that I saw regarding what began as right hip pain over two years ago and further developed into leg/foot numbness and additional lower buttocks and leg pain. While my diagnosis was not complex and was agreed upon by all the physicians I’ve seen, I wanted the best surgeon to do my surgery and you came highly recommended. Your office staff is professional, knowledgeable, confident, were able to explain my medical conditions and were able to specifically answer all of my questions. I have had more than a dozen orthopedic surgeries (knees, ankle, shoulder) and have been cared for by many doctors in at least six hospitals. I can say that my care from you and the Vail Valley Medical Center was simply legendary. I want to thank you for running an outstanding practice and providing me such incredible care. I am still early in my surgical recover, but I have experienced no hop or leg pain! I could not be happier.”

Kenneth L., Estes Park, CO

“On my last visit with Dr. Corenman, he gave me the biggest hug and it was the highlight of my life. I had been through hell and back and I feel like he was my angel and brought me back to life. People don’t understand when you try to explain to them what chronic back pain is like. To come out of what I did was a miraculous thing. I have sent so many people to Dr. Corenman because he is the best in the field. I would travel miles and miles to see him again.”

Liz R., Boulder, CO

“I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me. I saw many doctors in the Southeast before seeing you. They all said the same thing — that I was a hopeless case and that I would just have to live with it (my condition). I had gotten to the point where I was pretty much going to give up. You’ve not only restored my hope, but I am now confident I will get my life back. You are an amazing surgeon and you have an amazing staff. I have had 10 surgeries in the last 15 years and I’ve never come close to having the level of care I experienced with you and your staff. In my line of work, I meet people suffering from back problems nearly every day. I will recommend you to every single one of them I meet. I’m not a pro athlete or a star by any means, but I felt that I was treated like one. Thank you so much for saving my life, and probably my marriage too. I will never forget the experience.”

Jason A.

“Dear Dr. Corenman, I wanted to give you an update regarding my back following the surgery you performed in April of 2010. A year after my surgery, I’m playing golf and feel great. I am very thankful for the conservative approach you took with my spine. Since the surgery, I have never experienced any pain in my right hip, or numbness in my left foot. As I explained to you last year, I never took any pain medication after I left the recovery room. I continue to try and strengthen my stomach and back muscles and I am continuing to improve. I am playing golf and am also playing on a senior softball team. I have not felt any weakness, instability or pain. I thank you so much. Eric and your staff were wonderful and made my quality of life bettter. I have and will continue to recommend friends to your office.”

Ken G. L.

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