Welcome to Maui Spine Institute website. We specialize in compassionate, accurate and meticulous diagnosis of your spinal disorders and conditions from the top of the neck to the base of the spine. We invite you to peruse this site and learn about our philosophy, care and commitment to the patient. Our philosophy is based upon patient education. With the knowledge of your disorder, this empowers you to make your own decisions regarding your care and treatment.

Our physicians come from the best training and offer the best care you can find anywhere in the world. We however have not simply sat on our laurels but have continuously advanced our skills to become master diagnosticians and surgeons. Also, we have not stopped searching for answers. We are involved in the forefront of spine research. We also pass our knowledge on as education of other spine practitioners is also one of our very important goals.

Our diagnostic skills are second to none. Many patients who visit us have had previous inexact diagnoses. Every new patient spends at least an hour with our team evaluating the specific history of the disorder, spending elaborate time on a meticulous physical examination and then a full explanation of what is wrong and the options of treatment. All important tests are evaluated and the conclusions are discussed thoroughly with the patient.

Our treatment goal is to get the patient back to a functional level that matches their desires and requirements.

Treatment is the most conservative that will give the best results. Most times that includes appropriate therapy, potential medications and possibly injections, activity changes and ergonomics. Surgery is necessary when the neurological system is in peril, the spine becomes unstable or when conservative measures have not managed to control pain and restore function.

Surgery has various goals from decompressing (or freeing) nerve roots and the spinal cord from damage to stabilizing vertebra from painful motion or collapse and instability. Determination of what surgery is called for is the purpose of the diagnostic workup and the knowledge of what the disorder will do in the future.

If you so desire, the Curriculum Vitae (the resume) for Dr. Corenman is available at the end of his biography.

Whether you choose us for your care of someone more local, we hope you learn enough from our files to make you more comfortable with your surgical decision.

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