If you are entering here for the first time just to learn spinal anatomy, spine function and the disorders that occur for your own education, simply skip our introduction and biographies and start with the area of pain or problems. If you have lower back pain, obviously look at the lumbar spine section. Then read the anatomy section to understand the structures involved. Then look at the section on Conditions and then skip to the specific disorder that you have been diagnosed with or suspected of having. If you do not know what your diagnosis is, please read the symptoms section under How to Describe Your History and Symptoms of Lower Back and Leg Pain  to help to understand what could be causing your pain. You can then go to the Treatment sections to understand the various therapies and surgeries available to treat the condition.

If after reviewing this website, you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Corenman, please contact our office at 888-888-5310.  Also gather all previous spinal X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and prior consults and bring them with you to the visit to help with your diagnosis.

If you have had prior spinal surgery with unacceptable results, there really is no web site that can yield enough information to help diagnose and suggest treatment or repair as this topic is too complex to put on a web site. A personal visit with us would be required to diagnose and possibly remedy a failed prior surgery.

For every picture on the web page, there is a small magnifying glass at the bottom right corner. Simply click on it to enlarge the picture if you are having trouble “visualizing it.”  When you are finished viewing the magnified image, click on the small “X” in the lower right hand corner of the boarder of the picture to return to your previous spot in the web site.

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