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    I am in the UK, where appointments all have to be waited for many months.
    I had a laminectomy and fusion of L4/5 in 2010. I now have adjacent level problems at L3/4 and L2/3 and T12/L1 aren’t good either. Inhave had spinal stenosis for a few years.
    I have two opinions, one from an orthopaedic spine surgeon who says he will do a decompression on L3/4. He said that should stop L2/3 from also needing a future surgery.
    I also have an opinion from a neurosurgeon who says he would fuse L3/4.
    I am having a lot of pain in the groin of my right leg and it gives way sometimes.
    Both surgeons have asked that I am referred to a hip surgeon to ‘sort that out first, before spine surgery’.
    The neurosurgeon has requested that I see a hip surgeon urgently and has given me an appointment on 2 August. This is much quicker than ever before and I am wondering why things are urgent now!

    There is something I have seen on the written MRI report, and that is what I am hoping you will be able to enlighten me about.
    It says that I have redundant Cauda Equina nerve roots.
    I have tried to research what this might mean.
    Is it possible that this could be why things are moving quickly now?
    Does this always lead to surgery to decompress the nerves?

    I look forward to hearing what you think Dr Corenman.

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