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    6 months on from my surgery, I wanted to give a quick update for anyone who has come across my post in their own searches and experiencing something similar. I am no longer on pain killers or nerve blockers and have healed well post surgery. I can walk, bend, pick up my toddler etc. I still need to continue strengthening and being careful of how long I sit in my job but so grateful to have my life back after being scared that what I was experiencing would be the rest of my life. Two things I would say from my experience above – healing from spinal surgery is two steps forward , one step backward. So try not to get too scared about setbacks. Also, it’s important to listen to your body’s limits, rest, and try again when you feel able as you heal, move but don’t overdo things that don’t feel right. Eg I remember one time doing a fair bit of housework as I was feeling better and then feeling scared I had harmed myself/caused damage but a few days of rest, anti inflammatorys and pain killers and I was able to do things again. I tried to learn from those experiences and not go as hard, which helped, and have slowly built up what I can do over time. Movement is important in the journey but it is a bit two steps forward one step backward, eventually things improve though!

Viewing 7 post (of 7 total)
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