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    I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS – hypermobile type) and have had continuous spine issues for 20 years. In early January this year I woke up and my hand wouldn’t work…I wasn’t even able to switch off a wall light. I’ve gradually regained some, but not all, of the function. I had an MRI a few weeks ago and, based on the results, I’ve been told I need a multilevel ACDF – at least 3 levels probably more.

    My MRI report is as follows (translated from French as I live in France)

    Sagittal T1, T2, Axial T2
    No visible abnormality at the cervico-occipital hinge
    No intracanal mass on the cuts made
    Diffuse disc dehydration
    Posterior interapophyseal arthropathy also diffuse
    At C3-C4 moderate disc protrusion, no stenosis of the foramina
    In C4-C5 circumferential overhang of the disc predominantly right posterolateral, stenosis foraminal discarthrosis predominantly on the right
    In C5-C6 circumferential protrusion of the disc, bilateral foraminal discarthrotic stenosis
    In C6-C7 we also find circumferential protrusion of the disc and bilateral foraminal discarthrotic stenosis
    In C7-T1 small right posterolateral hernia image, tight discarthrotic constraint, foraminal, bilateral a more marked canal constraint, the anterioposterior axis of the dural sheath is measured at 5.5mm
    In T1-T2 circumferential disc overhang predominantly foraminal on both sides with discarthrotic stenosis of the foramens.

    In total degenerative spine with multiple disc protrusions and bilateral foraminal discarthrotic stenosis, with multiple disc imprints on the dural sheath. In C7-T1 a more marked disc overhang at the right posterolateral level with stenosis canal more marked also at this level.

    Is a multilevel ACDF necessary, at which levels and is this likely to cause more problems either side of the fused vertebra? Thank you in advance for your time.

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    I should add my neck problems started in 2004 after a whiplash injury following a charity parachute jump – probably not my smartest decision. At the time I had severe pain that needed rehab physio to deal with the muscle spasms. Since then I have intermittent pins and needles and numbness in both arms together with episodes of pain. The last episode was a year ago – severe left triceps and scapular / neck pain. Another med (for nerve pain) was added to my cocktail of pain meds which helped a lot. Fast forward to Jan this year and the complete loss of use of my left hand. As an aside having widespread pain from EDS – thoracic pain, lumbar stenosis and severe hip subluxation – it is sometimes difficult to ascertain what is causing what problems / pain.

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