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so the ADR probably if you do in the right time (you relive the pressure from buckling on the spinal cord
this probably very correct ,?(also very important what better remove the ligament flavum (on surgery laminectomy and (big incision 8 cm (through the muscles ( 90% of the muscles behind the neck ) and also you damage the nuchal ligament are very important to keep the head in the normal position (and i listen that 20/50 % will developed post-laminectomy kyphosis(the head falling down ) so you do fusion with the laminectomy and (remove the disc and this lead more stress above and below the fusion and u are in same problem again (and needed to fused the next one )
off course if you are in bad [point and this is the option to prevent paralysis or dead in more severe cases .
and i m also not exactly mean that the ADR will help from nothing with facet worn out (
*I sharpen that question ( ” is artificial disc surgery in the cervical spine can help from to prevention develop or slow arthritis”) this will help nothing with the facet (if facet worn out mild or nothing and trauma effect just on the disc (and arthritis will still not developed you replace the disc in the right TIME you prevent from arthritis developed (or they will developed more in future but this is nore better option .