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    I have been having issues for quite some time now I finally got a MRI of my thoracic and Lumbar spine. I don’t know if I can be helped or not, I am having a hard time understanding the report:

    It reads:
    Thoracic spine: small focal disc protrusion in the right paracentral location at T3-4 This impresses upon the ventral lateral thecal sac and may contact the spinal cord. No significant spinal stenosis. There is a more broad based disc protrusion in the left paracentral location at T6-7 Again this impresses upon the ventral thecal sac and possibly flattens the spinal cord. An additional small focal disc protrusion in the right paracentral location is noted at T7-8 again this impress the ventral lateral thecal sac and may contact the spinal cord. There are no aditoinal focal protrusions, extrusion or free disc fragments. There is a mild degenerative disc disease at T7-8 and T9-10 tehre is mild posterior facet arthrosis throughout. No spinal stenosis mas,contusion syrinx or mylemalcia.

    Lumbar:mild degenerative disease at L2-3 with disc space narrowing and decreases signal consistent with desiccation. There is a minimal disc bulging at L3-4 accentuated off to the left. At L4-5 there is mild diffuse disc bulging. There is also a small central disc protrusion at L5-S1 There is minimal superior extrusion of the disc material. This impress upon the ventral thecal sac although no obvious nerve root compression is noted. The intervertebral foramina do not appear significantly narrowed. The spinal canal is capaclous with no spinal stenosis. There is incidental note of bilateral small Tarlov cysts in the upper sacrum.

    I have tingling all over, buring down both of the back of my arms to my elbow.Index finger and thumb twitching often arms fall asleep at night as well as right leg As well as numbness mid back and shooting nerve pains from the spinal area. Major muscle twitching with cramping in both legs and arms.

    My right hip hurts shooting nerve pains in lumbar area/hip area and buttocks are numb,groin pain both sides with some numbness and numbness down the back and side of my right leg as well as my calf and top of my foot. most numbness lower right side of my leg near my foot Weakness also and tingling and shooting nerve pains in both legs. Also some numbness in my knee on the right side and behind the knee. Both legs are weak but my right is the weakest…. My neuro I saw didn’t really say much gave me my report and sent me on my way…. Question is do my symptoms match my mri? I have had so many negative tests, brain mri as well. Is surgery a option for me?

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