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    Hello, Dr Corenman,

    In your post regarding how to describe pain, you mentioned patients recovering from surgery who do well for months and then have sudden pain for a week or so (and repeat). In your experience, do these type of patients usually have fibromyalgia?

    I’ve had fibromyalgia most of my life, and I am having the same issue after 4-level ACDF surgery. However, the flair-up I’m having now (9 months post-surgery) is much worse and longer than those before. The muscles are cramping in the right side of my neck. The pain is so severe that I can stand or sit for only about 15 minutes before I have to rest my head back. Also, a few times a day, I feel tingling at my suboccipital migraine trigger point. Likely inflammation causing pressure on a nerve, correct? What helps this? It can’t be time.

    Only a couple weeks ago, I had been so pleased with my progress. I was finally at a point where I could do almost all essential activities again, including light exercise. If I could go to my Physical Therapist every other day for the rest of my life for manual muscle therapy, I would feel great. Since that isn’t an option, do you have any thoughts on next steps? Pain specialist? Continue PT? Accept this level of functionality?

    In your patients, did the flair-ups ever stop long enough so they could fully recover from surgery?

    BACKGROUND: I had ACDF surgery, C2-C6, in mid-March 2022. 10-week xray looked perfect. If you’d like, you can read more details in my previous question, #35018 . I have gone to physical therapy for 6 months, which has helped immensely. I have a wonderfully knowledgeable Physical Therapist, who is one of the few who knows how to treat acute pain when it’s all wrapped in chronic pain. It’s been a very long recovery, with flair-ups every month or two causing my progress to backtrack. During these times, only manual manipulation by my PT gets me through (neck, top of shoulders, around shoulder blade).

    Thank you for your help,

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