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    Good morning,

    I had a one level C3/C4 Foraminotomy 4 months ago. My surgeon used a tubal approach so my incision was pretty small. I still have neck pain near the incision site and my right trap is still very tight and causes me pain. I take Muscle relaxers, Lyrica, Tylenol and Advil all day and it still isn’t great.

    I recently had an MRI: Here are findings at C3/C4

    At C3/C4 there is a mild diffuse disc spur complex. This causes some moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis and mild to moderate central canal stenosis.

    Some contrast enhancement in the posterior soft tissues which appears to be related to prior surgery.

    Anything I should be concerned with? How long is the full recovery for a foraminotomy? I was hoping at this point I wouldn’t have to take so many pain pills. This surgery was recommended by 3 different surgeons in 3 different states. Right now I’m regretting my decision to go forward with it.

    Thanks for your advice,

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