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    Releasing (cutting) the anterior scalene muscle has no real consequences as it is a small muscle and any motion is still covered by the intact middle and posterior scalene muscles.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Great news! Thanks so much for everything!

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    Hello, My son tore his cervical spine capsular ligament and cracked the atlas bone.
    He did so at a playground. He hit head first from 5-6 ft up, the surface below was wood chips and fiberglassed concrete for which thankfully the US Product Safety Commission made the park resurface but the damage was done.

    My question is why now a year and 7 months later does my son still have pain. He has always had pain since the injury in 3 places. He is five now but has always pointed to his left lower posterior neck and dead center posteriorly and when I wash his hair he points to the front dead center.

    Why does he still have pain? Also why does his neck made a audible loud pop heard by others in the room when he rolls his head right and back and around. (he has had the weird gliding pop noise since the injury just as loud.)
    It sounds loud and like something is not anatomically correct with his neck motion.
    I am a nurse at Baylor on a orhto/neuro unit and a spine surgeon there saw my son and recreated the injury by pressing down on my son head and my son had the same pain months after being out of a c collar. It was called something sign I forget the test name but he was positive. I am concerned by the lasting pain and wonder if it will continue, worsen or ever just go away since it has been 19 months or so.

    My son had gagging and dry heaving and grasped his throat when I used to wash his hair closer to the injury time, at least that is gone but he still has the pain??
    I was told by a cooks childrens spine doctor he thought the pain and pop was unrarelated yet HELLO it only started with my sons injury and I know this as his mom and a nurse and has never went away. PRior to the injury my son had four pain free, pop free years so I am convinced it is realated. (I wanted my money back after seeing that last doctor this summer about the continued pain, UGH no answers.)Why does he have these persistant symptoms and what should I do? (That last doc said never any contact sports by the way which my son was made for football at 4 ft 2 and 90 pounds already at five yrs.)

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I assume that your son suffered a fracture of the joint surfaces of the upper two vertebra (C1-2) and the healing of the bone was somewhat displaced (off-set). This makes the joint surfaces incongruent (creating a step-off). When the two vertebra move on each other, this uneven joint surface “catches” and creates a painful “pop”.

    A CT scan can reveal this. Occasionally an MRI can also reveal this finding.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Can you have instability on c1 and c2 with a chiropractor manipulation or would this be a faucet joint? I’m starting to have slight pain on the right side of my neck at the base of my skull. It clicks when I do my floor exercises where I lift my head off the floor. It also has a small pop when I look to my left. The pain at the base of my skull is pretty much constant. Its bareable now just scares me. The only painful pop is leaning my head a little forward to the left its a small painful pop. The weird thing was the chiropractor said my c1 was lose and he would give me decompression and maybe it would fall back in place. If it is the faucet joint that is loose and will that cause arthristis is that dangerous when it comes to stroke?

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    I am currently suffering almost the exact symptoms. Did you ever find out the source of your problem and any relief? My symptoms actually started with several bouts of dizziness and a TIA. But two months later I am suffering almost everything you were. Any insight appreciated.

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