This website is dedicated to increasing your knowledge of the spine, what can go wrong and what treatment options you have. We start with spine anatomy and physiology (how the spine functions and why it works that way). Then we discuss spine pathology (what can go wrong and why it does). We then discuss how to diagnose what causes the spine pain and dysfunction (the pain generator or generators) and finally what to do about it (treatment for neck and back pain).

A thorough understanding of your neck, back or spine condition and/or disorder allows you to be empowered to make decisions regarding treatment. There are many options for treatment. Some of these have a high percentage of success and some are much less successful. When you can understand what the pain stems from, the typical unfounded fears of paralysis or "being left as a cripple" leave and you can make good decisions on a sound scientific basis. You won't normally have to ask what the recommended treatment is as this decision becomes self evident. You should not have to ask "what would you do if you were in my shoes."


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Donald Corenman, MD Publishes a Case Study on SpineUniverse

Donald Corenman, MD published a case study on SpineUniverse titled, Cervical Symptoms Recur After Artificial Disc Replacement. As only a handful of spine surgeons that has experience in chiropractics,...

The Steadman Clinic Named as a National Medical Center for the United States Olympic Committee

It was announced on Monday, March 3, 2014 that The Steadman Clinic, along side The Steadman Philippon Research Institute will be one of two National Medical Centers within the United States Olympic Committee’s...

The Effects of Failed Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery on Lumbar Spinal Fusion Outcomes

Dr. Donald S. Corenman recently completed a study on the effects of failed minimally invasive spine surgery on lumbar spinal fusion outcomes. The study hypothesized: patients who suffered failed minimally...


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