An in-depth look at why back pain exists created for clinicians to offer a comprehensive understanding of lumbar spine disorders.

As both an orthopedic spine surgeon and chiropractor, Dr. Donald Corenman has a comprehensive understanding of back disorders and conditions of the spine. The concepts inside this book unveil the mystery of why back pain exists and offers explanations to support each area of pain. Many original illustrations and images are included to visually reinforce the theories inside.

The information outlined Dr. Corenman’s new book is provided in an organized layout and covers every area of medicine relating to the spine including the anatomy and physiology of the lower spine, as well as pathology and genetics. Specific disorders are mentioned and imaging is discussed and used to reinforce various findings.

Lower back treatments, including surgery, are also a focus of this book and Dr. Corenman does an excellent job of highlighting each one separately discussing injections, medications, nerve root blocks, epidurals, facet blocks and discograms.

If you are seeking specific answers relating to lower back pain so that you can offer patients a roadmap towards the best treatment and rehabilitation options, this book will prove to be a must-have resource for your office.

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