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Thank you very much doctor for such a prompt reply I wasn’t expecting this at all.

My MRI doesn’t say if it’s an isthmic spondy or degenerative but I did start having pain in my back because I was a boxer before and took an illegal blow to the lower back. Consequently, I had to quit boxing and start a different lifestyle. I am leaning towards saying that I have an isthmic spondy because I was diagnosed at 25, I am now 28, and I had pain in my back from time to time when I was younger. How do you view the difference between both in terms of the retaliatory actions needed to be taken ?

Do you think a foraminatomy could be effective in my case or would you say fusion is the only way to go ? When does one get one over the other ?

Could you elaborate a bit on these synovial cysts ? How are they created ? Why ? How can they be removed and what are the effects of removing them ?

Thank you doctor,