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So, two different JH doctors (both neurosurgeons) who will go in through posterior but, their approaches for the fusion are different. Which one is “better” for me considering my history of the rehernations and background? Is the synthetic bone with a carbon cage better, due to my history of smoking or, is the using my own bone with cadaver bone and no cage the better route?

I’ll be curious to know what my original surgeon says as to his approach to fusion although, Iikely won’t go to him because of the 3 month wait on the smoking.
By the time I go in to John Hopkins for the surgery, it will be at least 6wks smoke free and I will not pick up the habit ever again.

All of this is so confusing. However, I’m glad that I’ve been taking the time to learn and understand exactly what’s entailed this time around. I didn’t do it the first two Micro-D’s and really want to be certain this fusion and the type of fusion is the right thing to do all things considered.
First, it was the fusion that scared me to death but, now the smoking complications have me wondering if a 3rd disectomy and waiting to see what happens is the best thing while smoke gets out of my system.