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so sorry for the previous email dr corenman.Im frustrated and dont think im getting a fair deal from my health team…Main problem i had a head jolt in bed a few week ago like a tourettes tick but quicker flash second jolt.Allso i awoke from my sleep with the feeling of been electrocuted full body.I had a full spime mri 16 month ago the report i got off my specialist said………….ddd cervix and lumba osteophytes mild overlaying imflam nothing signifficant just had 1 done 6 weeks ago………………………………Normal alighnment degen changes seen within the cervical spine Some disc bulging is seen at c45 56 level efacement of csf from around the cord is noted at at the c5/6.The cord bone marrow signal normal.The block axial sequences show widespread degen change .There is mild flattening of the cord at the c4/5 level and c5/6 levels.There is marked c6 exit foraminal narrowing bi laterally.The other exit foramina are relatively uninpeded There is some prominence of lymph nodes on the axial sequence.
When i visited my doctors she said your necks pretty messed up but theres no nerve involvement.Id had the feeling of a cat brushing up my back left shoulder blade pain gen neck and shoulder pain and pain in my left elbow. I got a copy of the report off a different doctor the clinical findings ie the reason for the mri shed put kneck pain and stiffness like i needed it for that ive ddd in my kneck it was nerve issues that i went to see her about i have the feeling there not playing fair.On the bottom of the mri report thats seen by your doctor she puts what action to take it says no action and like i said all she said was its pretty messed up but 14 months ago it was nothing signiffacant dread to think what my lumba is like ive no strength in my lower half weak at the knees sloutching the big toe on my leg that has the sacroilliitis is turning upwards and the little 1 has just packed up and ive developed what looks like MITCHELLS DISEASE erathmalgina could that be linked to my kneck problems is flattening of the cord serious i was working construction 3 years ago i struggle to get up stairs whats the outlook for me thanks ian w