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Thank you again, for your reply.
I wanted to give you my “direct report” from the MRI to see with all my pain that I’m having, symptoms that I would be a candidate for some sort of surgery? (TLIF). My concern is that my spine doctor who has been doing all of my injections said that there would be no option of surgery?? I just don’t understand? I can’t live like this much longer.

Okay, so here is the report. Let me know what your professional opinion would be
´┐╝Findings: The vertebral bodies maintain normal height and alignment. Small foci of bright T1 and T2 signal within the L2 and L3 vertebral bodies corresponding with hemangiomas or focal fat are noted. Bone marrow signal is otherwise w/in normal limits. The conus ends at L1. No evidence of of arachnoiditis. The paraspinal soft tissues are normal.
T11-L4 – No annular buldge, central canal narrowing, or neural foraminal narrowing

L4-L5 Mild annular bulge without central canal narrowing, minor bilateral neural foramina narrowing .

L5-S1- Mild annual bulge without central canal narrowing. Mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. A left L5 pars defect is noted on sagittal image 12 w/out marrow edema. The right L5 pars interatricularis is elongated although appears intact. Mild bilateral facet arthropathy.

Impression: 1. Left L5 pars defect w/out marrow edema. Elongation of the right L5 pars interarticularis is intact. mild bilateral facet arthropathy and neural foraminal narrowing at L5-S1. No significant spondylotisthesis or degenerative disc disease at L5-S1.
2. No Disc herniation or central canal narrowing throughout the lumbar spine.

I have been inactive for 9 weeks now, have had all but the ESI injections, a brace on and the spine doctor doesn’t know what to recommend now? With these findings, would TLIF truly be an option or am I stuck with this pain forever?

Thanks again! Sorry to keep bothering you with these questions.