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Hi doctor the pain that I have in the thigh is the front of the thigh and i am only getting the burning and bruise feeling in the thigh when I mentioned it to my surgeon he did not seem to concerned he said it was just the positioned they had me in when they were operating the pain in my left bum cheek has only started in the last 6 days roughly and it is my bum cheek and I am also runs into my calf then my two big toes are numb and the bottom of my left foot feels like I am getting electric shock going through it he done a decompression on that level so do you think it could still be settling down from surgery sorry for being a pain doctor but I am just really worried with these symptoms that I am having I could not go through a operation like that again feel like I am not going to get over it never felt pain like that before so my question is have you seen many operations similar to the one I had and If so was it successful