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I want to try a chiropractor with a drop table ( no twisting the neck with the hands type thing, just going down the neck and spine and trying to straighten it.

With the images I sent and with the disc indenting the spinal cord, could going to chiropractor cause any harm, I am desperate for any help with how I am feeling and functioning with my symptoms.

If I read back at the c-7-8 where the first thoracic meets the cervical there is a severe curve there, my head tilts to right. My left SCM is wide hard and elongated on LEFT, the right shoulder droops and as said head tilts to right and forward.

I feel like maybe its neck scoliosis upper with the top thoracic that is causing this, and why it stays this why seems fixed, but maybe of the chiropractor tried to move the bones straight there it would help….I could care less how my head tilts and sits ( the way I look like that ) its the symptoms and I have been diagnosed with cervical dystonia and I have severe TM joint dislocation on right, add to my ( considering my head tilts to right, shoulder and scapula 2 inches lower on right, jaw joint has extreme deviation to right, it seems as if the bones at c-7-8 and first thoracic all contribute to this and I have never had a standing XRAY from back to see this curve, but you can follow it with feeling it, its an extreme bone curve right at base of cervical and first thoacic about 3 inches…

I am so desperate, I am willing to let a chiro try and click those bones straight to see if I get any relief from the disequilibrim . I am taking the films with me today so she can see it first, but would appreciate your input…