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Dr. Corenman, I am awaiting referral to a neuro-surgeon and unsure about delay in the NHS (UK) system it could be many weeks/months.

Are there any short/long-term effects or damage to the spinal cord with a herniated disc and osteophyte pressing on it; or the symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? Should I put pressure the NHS to speed up the referral or go private?

I am trying to ascertain whether the ‘neural’ conditions could be causing other symptoms in my body, such as:
1) One-off Seizure (three years ago), 2) Neck and shoulder pain, 3) Neck graunching, 4) Headaches/Migraines, 5) Dizziness, 6) Violent/Panic waking from sleep trying to get my breath, 7) Choking when eating, 8) Stomach upsets, etc