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Hi Dr. Corenman,

Somehow I missed your response to my last post from a few months ago. Sorry about that!

I haven’t had much relief from facet injections into C2-3, C3-4 (except for one time), but I can tell that they are hitting an area of pain for me when the needle goes in and I have all the symptoms of facet pain- cracking, tenderness to palpation over facets, degeneration on x-rays, can’t turn my head, headaches, severe spasms, etc.. I can literally feel the facets grinding on each other.

Any thoughts on why I may not be responding optimally? I know it’s not disc pain or severe instability. Have you seen anyone who did well with rhizotomy even if they have not responded as expected with the injections?

I had asked you previously about the benefit of Cat Scans. Coming from a surgical stand point, if I were to consider a minimally invasive procedure at some point, would it be of benefit to have a Cat Scan to see if there are bone spurs rubbing on nerves, or foraminal stenosis, or should that have already shown up adequately on my x-rays and MRI?

Is there a minimally invasive surgeon that you could recommend that is close to Mass? I’m having a hard time finding one that isn’t a long distance away. It would be good to have someone thoroughly look at my tests and give me their opinion. Do you ever look at exams and give a consult over phone/email?

Help!! ;)

Thank you,