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Thank you so much, Dr. Corenman. I do understand that TOS is impingement of the brachial plexus and unrelated to cervical instability. The scalene muscles and/or cervical ribs can cause issues depending upon whether nerves, veins, and/or arteries are impacted. I will read further on your website. I have extreme electrical sensations and numbness impacting arms, hands shoulders, upper back, neck, and base of skull. Dizziness with movement of head. Overhead activities are impossible.

May I just ask 2 more questions please:
1. How does a doctor determine if further imaging, as you talked about, is required to determine C1 C2 instability?
2. Does Howard Head in Vail have a PT who is excellent with TOS? They were amazing with my knee rehab both times.

Grateful….When you have a moment.