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My name is Tracy and I am 30 years old and was hit with a softball in the back of my head at the base. It has been 3 years and 4 months and I have major issues with light sensitivity, as well as chronic left side neck, head, shoulder pain/tightness. When I try to lift something, even just a couple pounds, or play sports, or anything with strength resistance, my bad left side areas listed above get so tight and cause awful headaches and shaking/convulsing. I recently had a DMX done because nobody could figure me out with normal MRI’s or alternative treatments. The head radiologist of the hospital (Avista Hospital, Lafayette CO) said ” Asymmetrical motion on C1 and C2, left greater than right, suggests laxity, strain, or partial tearing of the transverse, alar, and/or accessory ligament complex on the left” As well as “Straightening above the C5 level and mild scoliosis. The report shows that my left side movement should be under 2mm and mine is at 6mm.

I live in Denver, Colorado and can come to Vail. But I have been trying to find someone that has expertise in this region of C1/C2 and all the ligaments there. I want to find out if I truly have damage to those ligaments and hope there is an MRI or something that could be ordered. I just don’t know who can order that stuff. Are you the right person to see????