Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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For those who do not know, a Chiari malformation is a condition where the base of the brain “settles” and a portion of the brain protrudes through the foramen magnum, the large hole at the base of the skull. This crowding of the brainstem causes compression and symptoms that are difficult to live with.

The treatment is to enlarge the hole and decompress the brain stem. This typically involves removal of a portion of the first vertebra and occasional fusion of the upper vertebra.

You apparently did reasonably well after this decompression but note a herniated disc some years after the Chiari decompression.

Your current symptoms could be from foraminal stenosis, a disc hernation, some advancement of the Chiari malformation or cervical stenosis. You do need a new MRI, CT scan and a consult with a spine surgeon who specializes in base of the skull surgery. You can call my 888 number and talk to Margaret for a recommendation of which surgeons might be able to help you (I do not perform Chiari surgery).

Dr. Corenman