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in MRI of c spine (2.22) the position of the head are little (very little extension the canal (in for slices of 1 mm axial on the center and left side (canal diameter are 10 mm (their is no CSF in this 4 slices and also it is can cold mild compression (on the cord )
the MRI of c 23 was with the head more neutral (little flex) and in this image *their is also buckling of LF (and in 1 slices very significant ( also canal 9 mm also in more flex (when the ligament buckling less )so it is could to say (the buckling are little more (because the position more flex compared to 22 and it is see canal (pinching )
the radiologic report of c s (not found nothing not lesions on cord )
the LF c3-4 buckling can causes (tingling in the face and also in the back of the head ?(between the eyes also ?
what is your opinion?