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I know how important ligamentum for the stability the column vertebrae
so to do laminectomy just because (you have some pressure from the ligamentum in (small area )
maybe i need to contined with PT and low impact excerise (what i m doing in last 7 years ) (but neurological symptoms lower extremity was not exicst before the end of 2021 )
so the neurological symptoms comes with the evidence of ligamentum buckling .
my symptoms was mild (impossible to walk fast ,and but before half year i walking (somtimes 3 km in day but with some heavy legs )
in last 4 monts the walking less (also hard to standing long time )
but it also down the canal from 13-14 mm to 9-11 (and this process happened with 2-3 years )
so their is processes of this ligamentum (effected by degeneration disc (because in MRI 2016 (6 years after the trauma their was not evidence of ligament buckling .
so the buckling causes by degeneration disc , and facet arthritis (multi-level c2-5 ) and causes mechanical stress on the LF buckling from the back.
this is the causes of ligamentum buckling.
the trauma was mostly causes a tears on the rings of the cervical disc c2-3 c3-4 and also c4-5
c5-6 disc less and c6-7 disc the more less affected *because of the collision of the head with the wall of the pool (s most power goes on the first discs.
this so very sense.
arthritis developed because the disc tear and degeneration disc
in 2016 arthritis are was not very devlpe
and ligamentum hypertropy result of degeneration and loss also high of the disc (because the tears on the rings of the anuelr