Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I’m not clear what has caused the “abnormal developmental safe posterior elements of
the C2 vertebral body with deformity of the lamina of C2 which extends through medially into the
central spinal canal”. Is this a developmental error that is stable and benign or something that is an active process? If it hasn’t changed in size or appearance in years comparing serial MRIs, there is probably no significant worry. I’m not too worried about the “mild impression on the posterolateral aspect of the cervical cord on the left. This creates a mild left sided stenosis of the spinal canal” as the canal at C2 is double the normal size of the spinal cord meaning there is lots of room for the cord.

The symptoms of “nerve pain” could be from something completely different. Can you go over your symptoms using this guide?

Dr. Corenman