Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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If there is axonotemesis (nerve is injured but myelin sheath is intact), the nerve will regrow down the intact sheath at about one inch per month. Since the muscle’s nerve point is at the top and middle of the muscle, measure from your incision to the midpoint of your calf. That (in inches) is how long the muscle will take to regrow with one-inch-per-month formula. If the distance is greater than 18 inches, your muscle may not fully recover as 18 months is the time it takes for the muscle cell to scar over.

It is also possible that you have neurotemesis where the entire nerve cell and myelin sheath are both injured in which case, there will be no healing. There is no way to tell with our current measurement tools. Give it time and allow nerve budding and hypertrophy to work. There is no easy answer but surgery in the face of weakness sooner than later is recommended.


Dr. Corenman