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This topic i call loosen sensation in feet (but not losses all sensation it is numbness in feet in some % and pain in legs (more in feet pain from the part’s of the legs the feet more feel the pain ,with needles and also in feet , started the needles and pins before 2’week but now its more often and more spread (also today feel needles in left arm .
A lot of the symptoms show me its look like cervical central canal stenosis from pustriorand Started of compress or could myelopathy early symptoms
(MRI 9.21 SHOW IN AREA OF 4 LEVEL COMPRESSION on spinal cord (my opinion but not sure but maybe)(OTHER SURGEON CALL TENDED TO SPINal cord with started ( he write THIS yesterday after I tell him go to this area and take a look in this little area)
I prefer to send the scanner to vail
But ask my self if i wait to including the new MRI I going to do in Thursday
When u have the time to take a look and give me full service of diagnostic including reported .