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Its could be dysfunction of the spinal cord started by posterior this why the sensory nerves show problem and motor no ,
This condition if it was can also worse and start by thick the ligament or bone spurs (from arthritis) quick to effect also to pressure start by anterior?
I have more slowly on the walking step normally (its 75-80 steps in minute)
Before 2 days and also a cross all this week it was 90 steps in minute
Now its slow to 78 step (worse by 15 present this symptoms could be from posterior compress just ?
The compress posterior can also effected on the motor nerves?
The slowly walking its call motor nerves?
Fast walking very hard me to do
Also in Saturday it was hard to walk fast (6kmp for more then 1-2 minutes i calculate it was 120 steps in minute
Today it 95 steps in minute (and it’s also feel hard me to walking fast
Also with more symptoms of heavy legs and also legs often sleep more often.
I feel in last our my legs both are sleep but i could walking with the sensation.