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Residents of Beaver Creek, Colorado are able to visit Beaver Creek Resort year round to take advantage of one-of-a-kind winter adventures and established golf courses. The community of Beaver Creek is known for Audi Birds of Prey, a world premier ski event held each winter. Beaver Creek is home to athletes of all levels, ranging from competitive skiers to weekend golfers. Any athlete is at risk of an injury to the spine during sporting activities. Neck doctor and back specialist, Dr. Donald Corenman is proud to serve the Beaver Creek area at his nearby office location. Active residents, as well as visitors, injured while on the slopes or on the golf course are encouraged to contact Dr. Corenman for a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Beaver Creek, Colorado is home to Beaver Creek Golf Club and Red Sky Golf Club. Both courses provide local golfing enthusiasts with stunning views, challenging fairways and pristine tee boxes.

Golf is considered a relaxing sport compared to mountain biking and hiking, but golfers are still at risk of developing low back pain. Many active residents of Beaver Creek who experience a back injury while golfing will feel alleviated pain in a few days following the injury. The most common injuries associated with the sport include disc injuries, muscle strains and sprains and tendon injuries. Many of these injuries are caused by a forceful swing, excessive motions or a sudden body shift during the downswing.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Treating Beaver Creek, CO Recreational and Competitive Skiers

Beaver Creek Resort offers local residents and visitors of Beaver Creek, Colorado a breathtaking winter experience. Recreational skiers are able to enjoy the gentle slopes of Bachelor Gulch, the open trails of Rose Bowl and Larkspur and the steep bumps of Grouse Mountain. The resort makes sure every winter athlete experiences unmatched skiing by spending all year preparing and maintaining the mountain valley.

World Cup racers also love to visit Beaver Creek each year to compete in the well-known Audi Birds of Prey Men’s World Cup skiing event. Each year competitors, visitors and locals visit the resort to compete or watch the skiing race and participate in the weekend events.

Professional skiers are not the only athletes prone to spinal injuries while on the slopes. Recreational athletes may also experience a muscle strain or sprain, disc injury, spine fracture or spine dislocation. If an injury occurs, any skiing athlete is encouraged to contact Dr. Corenman immediately for a diagnosis and to begin treatment.

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If you are a resident or visitor of Beaver Creek, Colorado and have experienced a spinal injury, please contact the practice of Dr. Donald Corenman. As a neck doctor and back specialist, Dr. Corenman specializes in the treatment of a wide number of injuries related to the spine.

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