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Home of Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado is one of the largest cities in the state. Located on the Cache la Poudre River, local residents are often active and engaging in water sport recreational activities. Even though water sports are considered relaxing, individuals have the possibility of experiencing a neck injury or back injury while kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding or swimming. Spine doctor and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Donald Corenman is available at his nearby office location to assist any resident of Fort Collins who experiences a spinal injury while on the water or competing in college sports.

Neck Specialist and Back Pain Doctor Treating Water Athletes Living in Fort Collins, CO

The Cache la Poudre River has been used for well over 100 years for fishing and swimming, but water sport recreational activities are on the rise in Fort Collins, Colorado. As an active community, residents of Fort Collins love to visit the beautiful river during the warm summer months in order to stay active and healthy. Popular water sporting activities include swimming, paddle boarding, rafting and kayaking.

Local residents may experience back pain after a day on the water. Kayaking is a common cause of back pain since individuals sit for a prolonged amount of time, utilize repetitive spine rotation while paddling and lift the kayak numerous times, typically overhead. Sitting for only 15-20 minutes can cause back pain in kayaking athletes, as well as individuals involved in rafting and paddle boarding. Proper paddling techniques must be followed at all times so the lumbar spine does not become injured from repetitive stress.

Swimming for extended periods of time may also cause certain residents to experience neck pain or back pain. The lower back may experience pain if it remains hyper-extended during front strokes, while the neck may experience pain if it is jerked backward repetitively while taking breaths.

Spine Specialist Available for Fort Collins, CO College Athletes

Colorado State University has a rich history of athletic programs and highly competitive athletes. Many college students living in Fort Collins, Colorado participate in at least one athletic program at the university, such as football, basketball, golf, swimming, soccer or softball.

Neck injuries and back injuries are relatively common in college athletes, especially those involved in contact sports. Common neck and back injuries include fractures and dislocations, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries and nerve root injuries. Young athletes are encouraged to visit a physician at the time of injury so a chronic condition does not develop.

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Residents of Fort Collins, Colorado that become injured while engaging in athletic activities, such as water sports or college sports, are encouraged to contact spine doctor and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Donald Corenman.

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