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    I had sciatica pain which started in the back of my buttocks area.
    After trying 3 chiropractic adjustments the pain went all the way down to my foot.
    I stopped the chiropractic treatments and went to an orthopedist.
    I was given a dose pack of steroids which helped while I took them.
    The symptoms returned after the steroids were finished.
    The Orthopedist then sent me for an MRI which showed an l-4-l5 broad based disk bulge greater on the right side.
    This is the affected side.
    The MRI also showed thickened Ligamentous Flavum.
    Radiologist Impression was disk bulge with moderately severe Stenosis due to the bulge and thickened Ligamentous flavum.
    The orthopedist then sent me to an orthopedic spine surgeon.
    The surgeon scheduled me for surgery.
    My sciatica symptoms were present for 6 months before getting the surgery.
    After the surgery I was experiencing much worse symptom than before it.
    I was told this can be normal due to the surgery irritating the nerve.
    I could not sleep and even experienced cramping of the left lower leg at night.
    I never had any symptoms on the left side before the surgery.
    The symptoms eased off a bit after about 4 weeks.
    They were now about the same as before the surgery.
    I asked for a repeat MRI which showed the disk bulge was still there.
    I was told it reoccurred.
    There was decompression noted by the radiologist but the bulge was impinging on the l5 nerve root
    I saw my surgeon at 5 weeks and he decided to do a epidural injection right then after the appointment
    He said he would inject at the level above the surgical level (l3-l4)and the steroid would go down to l4-l5 when i stand up.

    I am now seven weeks post surgery and still having problems.
    My main problem is I can not stand or walk for more than a couple minute without my right foot throbbing and going very numb.
    The steroid injection did not help.

    My surgery was a bilateral laminotomy.
    The surgeon originally said he wanted to do a laminectomy.
    I asked if he could do a bilateral laminotomy instead to preserve stabilty and lessen bone loss.
    My surgeon said yes no problem

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