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    I’ve had debilitating headaches since 2010 after a chiropractic manipulation of my neck. The headaches have been daily for 12 years and have kept me from what I love most even though I still do it and push through the pain. My quality of life has gone to shit, and this is the only diagnosis I have received after many doctors ER visits and consoles with multiple neurosurgeons. It seems only one neurosurgeon in the country validates this as a issue alongside some Prolotherapy doctors and Rehabilitation clinics. I have had two studies done, and they both show where my C1 slides over C2 on the left side when bringing my ear towards my shoulder. Both studies suggest referral to neurosurgeon, however there has been no neurosurgeon willing to look at the study nor validate if this is a problem. My question to you is are you familiar with this as an issue? Would this be something that could cause issues? Is this even a valid study? Many people who have had C1 C2 Fusion by this particular neurosurgeon after being diagnosed with this problem have claimed their headaches and migraines were resolved after years of misdiagnosis. I believe I was told that my C1 C2 Hang off was above 5 mm however my stationary symmetrical studies show no signs. Nor do my flexion extension x-rays where I bring my chin to my chest and look up. Only one bringing the ear to the shoulder. I am considerably hesitant of course when it comes to such a surgery, and I wonder if this motion x-ray is a scam of course considering I can only find one neurosurgeon who validates its study. After some research, I do believe that C1 should not be shifting or sliding over C2 no matter what someone’s head or neck position is, but I also wonder why this is not a standard when it comes to flexion-extension x-rays as far as taking images of the head bent ear to shoulder. Your response would be greatly appreciated, thank you again for your time.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    If you have osteoarthritis of the C1-2 joint (not common), a C1-2 fusion can help relieve headaches but the price to be paid is 50% loss of head rotation. That is a high price to be paid if you are wrong. It is highly unlikely that you have ligament laxity without a disease process like Ehlers Danlos or Morquio’s syndrome or have Down’s syndrome.

    Overhang of C1 on C2 is quite common with rotational views and does not indicate instability. See this article:

    Dr. Corenman

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