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    Good morning,
    My husband is about 3 weeks post L3-S1 Laminectomy. All of his pain in his legs he had prior to surgery has pretty much been relieved. He started getting a new pain, on about day 5 into recovery. It is the back of his right calf. The pain is only present after he walks about 100 yards. It is fine sitting, standing and walking under 100 yards. He had an ultrasound yesterday as his surgeon wanted to rule out a blood clot. The ultrasound came back normal. His surgeon suggested that is is muscle related and suggested massaging the area. We did this with a roller last night and again this morning before going out to walk. He had the same issue, severe pain/cramping about 100 yards into the walk. When we got home, I tried to massage the calf with the roller; but it was too painful. Can you provide any insight on this?

    Thank you,

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Not uncommonly, asymptomatic foraminal stenosis becomes problematic after a multi-level laminectomy as the laminectomy will allow the level to “settle”. This can cause prior non-symptomatic foraminal stenosis to become symptomatic. I’m happy your surgeon looked for and didn’t find a blood clot.

    The next step if to give it some time under the guidance of physical therapy. Stay away from extension exercises (bending backwards). If the symptoms continue, then a course of oral steroids can be considered. If that doesn’t work, go back to the original MRI and look for significant right foraminal stenosis. A selective nerve root block of that level when your husband had symptoms and relief of the calf pain is diagnostic. Hopefully, the injection confers long term relief.

    See; and

    Dr. Corenman

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