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    I’ll assume that you underwent the labs and the results did not point to infection.

    Left sided pain with the surgical approach on the right side is unusual. If there was no manipulation of the nerve root that could cause these symptoms and the MRI did not note any impingement of the root, your symptoms would be distinctly unusual. My first thought is hardware impingement such as a possible screw malposition which might not easily be noted on an MRI due to the haloing of the metal on a magnetic scan. It is possible that your SI joint is now aggravated but that would be a reach too.

    Faciculations go hand-in-hand with weakness. When your nerve recovers (hopefully), these faciculations should fade away.

    You could consider an epidural injection of your left S1/L5 nerve roots for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. See

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 19 post (of 19 total)
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