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    Dr. Corenman, thanks for your answer. Antalgia seems like the most fitting answer for me. However, if you can direct me to any websites (preferably medical), such as published articles in JAMA, or articles written by doctors explaining the causes of & how antalgia develops would be really helpful. I would also like to find one site, or one doctor, who believes that even w/out antalgia, that a motor vehicle accident can “awaken” a dormant scoliosis curve. I have read way too many stories of other people online who were involved in MVAs and said that their doctors told them it was the accident that caused or furthered their scoliosis without a doubt! I guess I just cant understand how I can end up with a torn rotator cuff because of how hard the truck hit me & caused my body to sway left to right, & I felt something pop or snap in my spine upon impact, but the power of the impact couldnt be enough to make this slight curve start to advance. I will find proof somewhere, eventually, that it is possible, because, as we know, anything is possible. Thanks again, & I await your reply for some resources.

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