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    Thank you, once again, for your reply.
    This latest flare up had me in Emergency yesterday, and the Dr on call suggested Rotator cuff tear as well – although admitting some symptoms did not fit (getting better for weeks on nerve medication with full range of motion in regards to shoulder height lifting as well as above head lifting/lowering for example, or milder, yet similar symptoms on the right side being present.
    He did an x-ray of my shoulder, which was normal. He did not perform MRI of shoulder or neck.
    I have physiotherapy Friday, but I do not believe it is Rotator cuff as previous phsio/chiro visits there was alot of focus on the brachial plex/pectoral (working across chest down armpit area to elbow), shoulder blade in my back as well as alot of focus on scalenes, trapezius and scapulae. (all are inflamed currently with this flare up).
    I thank you for everything! You have relieved alot of my worries and frustrations. Whatever the cause, I just need to find it and get a plan to move forward, it has been a frustrating process so far.

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    Hi Dr Corenman,
    This is the first MRI on my neck. Dec 21 I experienced sudden L arm weakness, pain retrieving an item appox 5lb from an overhead position. (Dropping the item) Initial symptoms mimicked a heart attack.. chest pain straight across L chest, numbness down L arm and was a 9.
    Since then, I have been doing 2x/wk chiro (but unable to do physical adjustment of spine as everything neck/shoulder/arm is so tight. 1x/biweekly massage therapy.

    So, the pain is currently an 8 with movement, I put my L arm in a sling to help relieve some pressure.
    Without movement, things feel around a 2. Nortiptylene 40mg was good for a little over a month keeping pain at a 2/3 but increased activity.
    Pain centre of neck in back currently at 3. burning/ prickling pain radiates down shoulder blade down the back.
    L shoulder currently at 8 with movement with pain near armpit and top of bicep at 9/10 with movement. Pain runs down inside of L arm to inside of elbow as well. Stabbing, sharp pain. 80% shoulder/arm/20% neck.
    Same pain in R armpit, bicep but more of a dull ache pain at 2.
    L arm if extended (very painful) leaves almost 0 strength in grip/torque. For example, grabbing a coffee at a drive thru causes pain to shoot to 10, and I still dropped the cup.
    Mild dizziness last 2 weeks, could be a coincidence with resurgence of symptoms occurring last 2 weeks as well. Sitting to standing position as well as when I turn my head left (shoulder check while driving for example) .. dizziness is not a spinning, more of a floating and happens when I bring my head back to centre.
    Currently on a leave from work (merchadiser/sales), unable to do most activities outside of walking. In 10 months I am on my 3rd Flare up and they seem to get worse each time.


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    Thank you for your reply.
    This is the full report. I have been on 40 mg of Nortriptylene for nerve pain, which helped relieve approx 85% of the pain. However, in the last few days/week I am back to square 1 with pain in L Arm/Shoulder.

    Sagittal T2; sagittal T1; axial medic; axial T2 space.
    The cervical vertebral bodies are normal in height. The posterior alignment is maintained. The
    intervertebral disc spacing is normal. There is abnormal developmental safe posterior elements of
    the C2 vertebral body with deformity of the lamina of C2 which extends through medially into the
    central spinal canal. There is mild impression on the posterolateral aspect of the cervical cord on
    the left. This creates a mild left sided stenosis of the spinal canal. There is no T2 signal abnormality
    within the cord to suggest myelopathic changes. The significance of this finding is uncertain. There
    are no right-sided findings to account for the bilateral symptoms.
    Cervical cord is otherwise normal in size and shape. There is no T2 signal abnormality within the
    Abnormal posterior elements of C2 with mild impression on the posterior left aspect of the cord by
    the lamina. No evidence of myelopathy.

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