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    Thank you kindly for your quick reply.

    Mri showed, arthroplasty on facet 3 and 4

    I have a peek spacers and my own bone.

    They did flextion xrays at 6 months and they said all looked good.

    I didn’t say this because I forgot to but I was in a car accident on the 17th of this month. Could the accident be making the pain I was feeling prior to more hightened? It seems like I’m worse now then before. The urgent care dr didnt seem conserned about my neck enough to do xrays. But since that time my upper spine has started hurting more and my arm and shoulder are screaming in pain today.

    I’ve called to get a new xray as with a new xray they can compare to see if I’ve got any damage otherwise I’m going to cry if I have to ALREADY have another level done. Could a steroid injection help? I’m feeling so helpless and defeated anymore. ;(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)