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Ok.. I have c-4 fusion w/cord decompression scheduled for July 18. Neurosurgeon stated we have a 33% chance of either no improvement, improvement or worsening. Shot in the dark in other words.. But, today, I have a lump on the right side of my neck behind my ear and yesterday I started having ringing in my right ear. The ringing is not happening today. I have an unexplainable sensation in my right eye.. nothing irritating or painful just a sensation / no pressure/ no blurring/ no headache. The neck lump is about 2″ wide and 3″ long.. best guess.. not sore, and does not hurt. Ear has a little burning sensation inside.. no fever..
Is this normal with cervical herniation? Should I call my MD tomorrow? I feel silly with all this but, do not want to minimize anything either..

I got my records from my C5-C7 fusion of 2002.. I did not realize but, there was spinal cord compression at that time as well. Just FYI