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Thank you Dr. Corenman,

I do not think the mechanics of the surgery are that difficult to understand; you would be amazed with some of the consultations I’ve had.

I had two surgeons suggest a microdesectomy a lone time ago for me and never even mentioned that I had a pars fracture or a slip.

When you look up reviews for surgeons, there are almost always a few horror stories about each one and if you ask too many questions during your consult, most surgeons feel that you are going to be a pain to deal with. Its a business for them. They don’t really want to be bothered too much. There should be a better way for patients to track a surgeons results. Its a guessing game for the most part.

I may be over thinking it at this point, however I have still have not come across one surgeon that I was very confident in. Everything seems like a rush job and the new insurance laws do not seem to help the situation very much…not a lot of happy Dr.s out there and they seem to take it out on their patients.

Thanks again for your patience and time. It has been very helpful !