Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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This product is new. According to the concept which I copied below from the manufacturer’s site, this product is designed to denature the proteins in the disc. This means this product will break the proteins down which are designed to absorb water and hold pressure in the disc.

This is a repeat of the old chymopapain treatment that was dropped some years ago because of serious complications. Any product that denatures proteins can leak out of the disc space into the canal. Unfortunately, the canal is full of proteins. If this leaks out into the canal, disaster can occur. I would not consider this to be a treatment that I would want my patients to undergo.

FROM THE MANUFACTURER SITE: “The latest development in this area is the intra-discal micro-therapy with DiscoGel┬«. This treatment method, which as developed by French researchers, utilizes a congealed alcohol mixed with a contrast agent, which is injected through a thin cannula directly into the intervertebral disc. The compound results in a loss of the water storage capacity of the intervertebral disc by denaturation the proteo-glycan matrix of the nucleus pulposus. This in turn results in a progressing decompression of the effected spinal nerves within hours to a few days”.

Dr. Corenman