Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I do not know who you are as you do not identify yourself. Are you the manufacturer of this product?

Regardless- the website notes in the official blurb of “denaturation of the proteins”. Alcohol is tissue toxic but not an enzyme so I would think there is something else in the formula that causes this proteolytic destructive process.

I always find clinical trials to be suspect from the manufacturer until other none-financially related studies are brought to bear but that is my nature. No complications in a study is highly unusual as simple facet blocks and epidurals have typical complications and those procedures are a simple as it gets.

Your statements regarding “DiskoGel, Ozone diskectomies and NeoDisk and M6 were available in the US the spine surgery market would be cut in half” are not supported by the literature or my experience.

Dr. Corenman