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Originally I had a Pain at the top half of my neck a pain/pressure the size of my fist at the top of my spine.
over night my neck started to tighten up and the pain radiated down in to my shoulders.In the morning I attended our A&E and had X-rays which showed no sign of fracture.
over next few days the pains increased in intensity and was now in a diamond shape from the center of my skull out to the tips of my shoulders then down my back to the bottom of my rib cage.
I had an appointment 16 days after my first A&E visit and at this time on turning my neck in any direction I experienced a Stabbing pain which was unbearable.
Due to an earlier Knee injury I am walking on crutches while awaiting an operation on that and and as I walk any distance this causes upper arm pain and pins and needles in my hands the further I walk the worse it gets to a point that I can Not feel the crutches in my hands. When I have walked this kind of distance the pain at the top of my spine turns into a head ache which covers the left side of my head to my left eye. At all times I now have double vision.
the percentage of pain is to the neck 70/30
My concern Is the pressure on the spinal cord at three points !!!