Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Pain with sitting and “jolts” down your leg might signal another disc herniation. There is the chance that there is no new herniation but the nerve root is still so swollen from two compressive injuries in a short period of time.

To check for motor weakness, there is a simple test you can perform yourself. Balance on one foot on the painful leg while steadying yourself on a counter or wall with your hands. Just use your hands for balance and do not support your weight with your hands. Perform ten heel raises on the painful leg. Then do the same on the non-painful leg.

Compare the ability to do these heel raises one side to the other. If you are substantially slower or cannot complete the ten raises with your painful leg, there is most likely motor weakness. Do the same test but this time, raise the ball of your foot off the floor ten time (toe raises). Compare both sides. Again, if one is substantially slower or you cannot complete ten on the painful side, there is motor weakness present.

Either the current intensity of your pain or weakness if present should warrant a new MRI. If the nerve is compressed by another herniation, surgery should be considered. If the nerve is inflamed, an epidural injection or even an oral dose of steroids might be helpful.

Dr. Corenman