Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You are correct. I missed this question- sorry for the delay.

You have unfortunately suffered at least one recurrent herniation and possibly two in a short period of time. I have seen this before in some patients that have come in to ask the same questions. The chance of three disc herniations in a very short period of time is remote but assuming that you have herniated yet again, that does not help you.

Three herniations on the same side at the same level normally requires a fusion of that level. The reason is that the disc can be expected to continue to herniate and the nerve root then becomes battered. These roots are relatively sensitive and repeated compression can damage the nerve permanently.

One question I have is if there is weakness of the muscles attached to this root? In my opinion, motor weakness requires a quicker response to relieve nerve compression as the motor portion of the nerve root does not heal as well as the sensory and pain portions of the nerve do.

Dr. Corenman