Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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This is a decision that you alone have to make. If you can tolerate the symptoms and participate in your life activities without any significant restrictions without aggravating symptoms, then you don’t need to consider surgery. If the symptoms “get in your way”, then you need to consider surgery. You have to weigh the benefits of surgery (decompression of the nerve root and hopeful relief of pain) against the risks of surgery. Your age is in the typical range for these problems but does not by itself matter in the equation.

Again, the indications for surgery for a disc herniation are cauda equina syndrome (you do not have this), muscle weakness (you report you do not have this) and pain that is not tolerated. The last indication you will notice is a value judgment by you alone. Do you feel that you want relief and are willing to undergo surgery with the attendant risks?

Dr. Corenman