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Thank you Dr. Corenman for answering.

I hope I can be clearer about everything.

I have a dull ache in my lower back, a shooting pain in my left buttocks and back of my left thigh, numbness in my left knee and upper thigh and left big toe.

The pain is usually 80% in my back and 20% in the leg.

At worst it’s been about an 8 and now it’s about a 4. The numbness in my toe is new and buttocks so I’m trying to get use to that.

It hurts the worst in the morning and at night but generally all day causes pain.

Mt pt said my right hip was slightly overcorrecting for the pain on the left. I do limb when I have a lot of pain.

Sitting and laying hurt my back and walking hurts my leg.

I hope this helps. Thank you.